The UCM6510 is an innovative IP PBX appliance for E1/T1/J1 networks that brings enterprise-grade Unified Communications and security protection to enterprises, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), retail environments and residential settings in an easy-to-manage fashion. Powered by an advanced hardware platform and revolutionary software functionalities, the UCM6510 offers a breakthrough turnkey solution for converged voice, video, data, fax, security surveillance, and mobility applications out of the box without any extra license fees or recurring costs.


หน่วยประมวลผล Cortex A9 quad-core 1GHz, large memory (1GB DDR3 RAM, 32GB Flash) and dedicated high performance multi-core DSP array for advanced voice processing

1 integrated T1/E1/J1 interface, 2 PSTN trunk FXO ports, 2 analog telephone/Fax FXS ports with lifeline capability in case of power outage and up to 50 SIP trunk accounts

Hardware DSP based 128ms-tail-length carrier-grade line echo cancellation (LEC), hardware based caller ID/call progress tone and smart automated impendance matching for various countries

Gigabit network port(s) with integrated PoE, USB, SD card; integrated NAT router with advanced QoS support

Integrates with our FREE mobile app, Grandstream Wave, allowing users to access their SIP account(s) with their Android device from anywhere in the world (via WiFi or cellular data network)


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Grandstream IPPBX UCM6510

  • ผู้ผลิต: Grandstream
  • รหัสสินค้า: UCM6510
  • สถานะสต๊อก: 2-5 วัน
  • 76,505.00บาท(inc VAT)

สนใจสินค้า & บริการ

โทร : 02-077-2672

Email :

LineID :

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