• IP-COM Access Control CW500


เป็น Access Control ราคาประหยัดสามารถจัดการ Access Point ได้ถึง 32 อุปกรณ์ IP-COM CW500 จะช่วยให้ง่ายต่อการ ดูแล, จัดการ SSID, Security Key, QVLAN,

Client Limit, Traffic, Email Alert และต่างๆอีกมากมายได้อย่างง่ายๆ

CW500 is an access controller to configure, manage and monitor the IP-COM APs such as W300AP. When you power on the APs, it discovers APs in the network automatically and send the initial configuration to the APs. Then you can manage all the online Aps' Description, SSID, Channel, Security, Output Power and define different VLAN ID for APs to bind SSID to VLAN to establish different Internet access right at one place without move everywhere. Hence, CW500 makes network administration more easy, more convenient.

Centralized Management

CW500 can manage and monitor all IP-COM AP such as W300AP in the network. You can modify the description, SSID, channel, security, output power for APs. Also, you can monitor the APs and clients online status.

AP Automatically Discover

After power on the APs in the network, the Aps will get the IP address from the CW500. And then CW500 will discover all the APs automatically.

Branch Network Mode CW500 deploys in branch network mode, you just connect the CW500 to the core switch without changing your network topology.

SSID to VLAN Tagging

CW500 supports VLAN function, you can define different VLAN ID for each port. Then when manage APs, you can tag VLAN ID to SSID to establish different Internet access right.

5 Gigabit Ports

Built-in five Gigabit Ethernet ports, up to 10x data speed as traditional Fast ethernet port to offer faster data transfer.


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IP-COM Access Control CW500

  • ผู้ผลิต: IP-COM
  • รหัสสินค้า: CW500
  • สถานะสต๊อก: 2-5 วัน
  • 2,675.00บาท(inc VAT)

สนใจสินค้า & บริการ

โทร : 02-077-2569

Email : sales@mnc.co.th

LineID : @mnc.thailand



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