Grandstream HT503

The HandyTone 503 offers the next generation of powerful, affordable, high quality and manageable IP telephony ATA/IAD. The integration of a FXO and FXS port enables remote call origination and termination to and from the PSTN line, known as "hop-on and hop-off" calling. This functionality coupled with its compact size makes it an ideal solution for road warriors seeking the savings and benefits of voice-over-ip communication.

  • Based on SIP standard and interoperable with most 3rd party SIP compliant devices and software
  • Dual 10M/100Mbps network ports, port status and message waiting LED, and a base stand for vertical positioning
  • Traditional and advanced telephony features including mutli language voice prompts and transfer to or forward to IP or PSTN


  • 1 FXS telephone port (RJ11), 1 FXO PSTN line port (RJ11) with power-outage life line support
  • Up to 2 SIP account profiles, SIP over TCP/TLS, SRTP
  • Dual 10/100 Mbps network ports (RJ45) with integrated high performance NAT router
  • Status LED for power, telephone, PSTN line, network, and message waiting indication
  • Advanced telephony features
  • Comprehensive voice codecs
  • Secure and automated provisioning using HTTP/HTTPS/Telnet/TFTP
  • Symmetric and asymmetric voice codec/RTP in any call sessions
  • T.38 Fax
  • SIP over TCP/TLS
  • IP connectivity for any phone and fax
  • Hop-on/Hop-off calling
  • Offers traditional and advanced telephony features
  • Portable and compact for use at home or on the road




Ethernet Ports :  2 RJ45 (LAN/WAN)
NAT/Router :  Yes
DHCP :  Client/Server
FXS Port :  1
FXO Port :  1
PSTN Pass-through Port :  Yes
Voice Mail Indicator :  Yes
Voice Codec :  G.711(a/u-law), G.723.1, G.729A/B/E, G.726-40/32/24/16 and iLBC, T.38 fax
Remote Configuration :  HTTP/HTTPS/Telnet/TFTP Provisioning


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Grandstream HT503 1FXO,1FXS Gateway

  • ผู้ผลิต: Grandstream
  • รหัสสินค้า: HT503
  • สถานะสต๊อก: 2-5 วัน
  • 2,728.50บาท(inc VAT)

สนใจสินค้า & บริการ

โทร : 02-077-5965

Email :

LineID :

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